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Комментарии (4)
  • arresting
    Очень понравился подкаст.
  • Ольга Газинская
    Ольга Газинская
    Hello, I've listened to the podcast for the first time and I liked so much your way of communication to each other. It's very interseting and useful for us - learners - to listen to your speech. Thank you
  • Алсу Юнусова
    Алсу Юнусова
    Thank you very much!It was for the first time I have listened to the PODCASTS.It was useful even just I havent understood everything.P.S.sorry for my grammar mistakes)
  • Tanya Antipova
    Tanya Antipova
    Hey Max, I like your voice! It is pretty nice to hear your speech and these podcasts! Thanks a bunch! Greetings from Oklahoma State!